Konsorcjum Stali S.A. ZPZB Poznań
Address 60-478 Poznań
Lutycka 115 A St.
Phones +48 61 841 75 30
E-mail zbrojarnia.poznan@ks.mail.pl

Construction Reinforcement Plant in Poznan has modern and efficient machine park, our production ability is approx. 3000 tons per month of ready reinforcement elements. Produced in Poznan prefabrications are designed for construction: general, housing, industrial and road infrastructure.

Our recent projects include Municipal stadium in Poznan, stadium "Baltic Arena" in Gdańsk, Poznań Western Ring Road , Highway A-2 , Malta House in Poznan , Gallery " Poznan ", Museum of WWII in Gdansk , the Volkswagen plant in Wrzesnia , and others.

For the production in Poznan we use rebars and wire rods ribbed who have the required certificates and approvals. Each batch of prefabricated reinforcement that is leaving Poznan, is provided in the documents and signboards, which enables the identification of armaments.

We provide favorable conditions for cooperation, competitive prices and reliable logistics service.

We invite you to cooperation.

Products and services:

  • cutting and bending rebars with diameters ranging from ø 6 do ø 32 mm;
  • baskets reinforcement;
  • the reinforcement cage walls;
  • reinforcement assembly at the construction site of the Customer.

Contact details:

Branch Manager:
Andrzej Jacek
e-mail: andrzej.jacek@ks.mail.pl

Contract Manager:
Jan Szymków
tel. +48 61 841 75 30
mobile: +48 664 946 797
e-mail: jan.szymkow@ks.mail.pl

Manager of Production Preparation:
Maciej Polarczyk
tel. +48 61 841 75 30
tel. kom. +48 664 946 784
e-mail: maciej.polarczyk@ks.mail.pl

Opening hours and location:

Konsorcjum Stali S.A.
ZPZB Poznań
ul. Lutycka 115 A
60-478 Poznań, woj. wielkopolskie

Sales office opening hours:
Monday - Friday: 07:00 – 15:00

Konsorcjum Stali S.A.
ul. Paderewskiego 120, 42-400 Zawiercie

phone: +48 32 672 16 92
e-mail: biuro.zawiercie@ks.mail.pl

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