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Steel Constructions Warszawa Rembertów
Address 04-462 Warszawa
Stężycka 11 St.
Phones +48 602 248 500
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Steel Constructions Plant in Warsaw Rembertów is a specialized branch of Konsorcjum Stali SA providing services in the field of production of steel structures. With an experienced and qualified team of employees and extensive machine park we are able to meet even the most demanding order. We create structures based on assigned projects, ensuring the highest quality of execution and punctuality.

Our offer is addressed to both large companies and smaller customers and retail customers. Projects implemented by the Steel Constructions Plant are both finished steel products for construction, as well as applicable in other specialized industries such as power engineering, gas industry or structures for production lines.

We make constructions according to DIN EN 1090-2 (certificate), which reflects the high quality of the produced steel structures certified qualification EXC2 implementation class. Constructions Plant has also implemented PN - EN ISO 3834-1 and 3834-2 sets the standard quality in the welding area.

Constructions Plant – Konsorcjum Stali distinguishes great storage facilities which are the sales offices of our company, gives the opportunity to obtain materials in a very short time, and thus rapid accession to work on projects.   

We have a universal machine park, which includes:

  • CNC machine firing metal oxygen from 8 to 60 mm thick, a table length of 12 meters
  • Guillotine for cutting sheet metal up to 12 mm thick, 3 linear meters of cutting
  • Band saw for cutting profiles - maximum 300 x 600 mm, precision cutting angles of 0 to 60 degrees
  • The chamber cleaning by shot-blasting the steel structure with dimensions of 3.8 x 13.5 x 3 m.
  • Booth measuring 14 x 4 m, airless paint, we also offer fire-retardant paint
  • Welding machines, gas-shielded MIG, MAG
  • Tooling for cutting pipes with a diameter of 500-1500 mm

In addition to making steel structures, we also offer services, such as:

  • burning fiber mats of plates
  • sheet metal cutting guillotine
  • sheet metal punching
  • cutting of steel profiles with band saw
  • tube cutting
  • gas firing
  • shot-blasting steel
  • painting steel (corrosion protection)

We also provide comprehensive performance corrosion protection of steel with paint coatings,  electroplating or dip galvanized.

Contact details:

Branch manager:
Szymon Wojdyna
mobile: +48 694 167 700
e-mail: szymon.wojdyna@ks.mail.pl

Branch manager:
Maciej Rylski
mobile: +48 602 248 500
e-mail: maciej.rylski@ks.mail.pl

Production manager:
Wojciech Matusiak
mobile: +48 608 362 162
e-mail: wojciech.matusiak@ks.mail.pl

Opening hours and location:
Sales office opening hours:
Monday - Friday: 08:00 – 16:00

Konsorcjum Stali S.A.
Zakład Konstrukcji Stalowych
ul. Stężycka 11
04-462 Warszawa - Rembertów
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